Offer a new venue to your employees and management for your company celebrations / anniversaries / cocktail parties.
When it comes to rewarding top performing employees there is no better way to recognize their hard work and recent achievements than with a luxury yacht charter.
Blue Bay Marine has several yachts that would love to take you on a scenic harbor excursion.
Looking for a unique and noteworthy way to launch your product, service or brand?
We offer bespoke experiences and unparallel services for companies looking entertain existing or potential clients on our yachts.
Come work together in a safe, new, exciting environment; learn the basics of sailing and, most of all, have tons of fun!
We offer quick, fast paced speed boats that dash across the harbour and reach Mandwa or Elehpanta in 20mins.
If you like your pets to always be around you, then why deprive of their company while you are out sailing. Well here is some good news!
We offer a more luxurious fishing experience, with ‘high end’ yachts and top professional crew and captains.
Banquet halls are now passe; it’s now time to live the opulent yacht life.
Experience pictures of your pre-wedding photo shoot in the middle of the sea or in fresh exotic back waters offering beautiful views.
It’s up to you how you will celebrate your anniversary on our yacht. Surprise your spouse with a wedding anniversary on boat making the most of sea and sun.
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